Recently, TopStart Trailers from Australia formally signed an agreement with Wuxi Huishan Economic Development Zone to invest US$15 million in the development zone and set up a special truck trailer production base and sales headquarters. This product is mainly exported to countries in Europe, America and Oceania. It is estimated that the annual sales after the completion of the project will be no less than 50 million US dollars.
Australian TopStart Trailers Trailer Australian TopStart Trailers Trailer

It is understood that TopStartTrailers Company mainly produces and sells a variety of products such as special trailers and frame parts. Its product technology has been leading the country for 30 years and is also a leading company in this industry in Australia. The person in charge of the company stated that this time settled in Huishan, it is the strong automobile and parts supporting industry in Xiangzhong Huishan District, hoping to achieve strong alliances. According to the person in charge of the Huishan Economic Development Zone, prior to the implementation of this foreign investment, the Vance textile project with an investment of 30 million U.S. dollars has been successfully settled. This year will focus on advancing U.S. daily production equipment projects with a total investment of 90 million U.S. dollars and U.S. 30 million U.S. dollars. The solar wafer project will be signed as soon as possible, and at the same time ensure that the second phase of the Jingke Automotive Phase 40 will increase its investment within the year.

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- transmission parts; transmission shaft, universal joint, steering pump, clutch booster and brake pedal;

- Engine Parts; cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, oil seal, connection rod bearing, starter, injection pump, oil pump, water pump, air filter, oil filter and fuel filter;

- other spare parts. Curtain, roof, water tank, radiator, inter cooler and ect.




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