We often see covers on the road. Many people think that it is a sewer or a cesspool. Of course, this is not a septic tank cover. A spark may cause an explosion. At this time, it is necessary to have a sewer truck to handle the septic tank problem.


The components of the sewage suction truck consist of oil-water separators, water-gas separators, hydraulic dumpers, vacuum-polluted mercury, and pressure gauges. However, its working principle must be familiar with operations, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous.

In 2014, in Guangxi, a sewage-absorbing vehicle excreted in a certain community. It was still in the suburbs and had a great influence on the shopping partners. The sewage suction truck was private, and the private master Chen also said that It was due to the fact that the tank's switch was not working properly. At that time, the excrement contained in the suction truck was too full, and the pressure in the biogas in the tank caused the excrement to suddenly erupt. For a private suction truck, it is necessary to understand the operation, which is convenient for people.

The working principle of the sewage suction truck is the same. The suction hose is always immersed in the liquid surface. After the air in the fecal tank is sucked, the pressure of the fecal tank is lower than the atmospheric pressure, so that the fecal fluid is under the effect of pressure. After the suction hose enters the holding tank, when the air is continuously discharged into the manure tank, it is compressed because it has no way out. As a result, the pressure in the tank is greater than the atmospheric pressure. The manure is discharged through the siphon tube and the suction hose under the action of the compressed air. Outside the tank. Sewage suction vehicles are also more attractive than suction trucks, with large tonnage, high efficiency, and versatility.

Want to buy sewage suction car should pay attention to some options:

1. Pay attention to the quality of the color plate, the degree of vacuum sealing, poor material can easily cause the deformation of the tank;

2. Select the vacuum package that can withstand pressure and temperature difference;

3. According to the local operating environment, temperature and other factors to choose the rear lid;

4. Must choose no exhaust emissions to avoid environmental pollution

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