In some places where the brightness is relatively low, the construction lighting vehicles are often involved in the work. Therefore, in daily life, many construction sites must use construction lighting vehicles . For example, highway operations, mine operations, and night operations are relatively high requirements on the brightness, and construction lighting vehicles can provide mobile lighting is very convenient, so the next will be classified for construction lighting vehicles and their performance.


Currently, the construction lighting vehicles that are relatively common in daily life are mainly divided into two categories. The first type is a projection lighting vehicle. In comparison, the application of the first type of projection lighting vehicle will be more extensive. Because the body of the projection lighting vehicle is relatively strong, its performance is relatively good, and it can also work normally under harsh conditions in both the climate environment and the external environment. In a relatively harsh environment, it is also possible to freely raise and lower the height of the lighting vehicle. Therefore, the range of lighting is wider. Whether it is in the ordinary road or the night lighting of the dock, there is no problem!

The second category should belong to anti-glare lighting vehicles, which are more restricted than the first category when used. Because the anti-glare lighting car is made of aviation heat-resistant cloth, its greatest feature is that it can effectively prevent dazzling, and at the same time it will not produce shadows when lighting. Therefore, in general, such lighting sources are often selected during nighttime highway construction. At the same time, spare light sources in some large-scale sports games are anti-glare lighting vehicles.

The above simple classification of construction lighting vehicles , and its performance is briefly described. The above-mentioned two types of construction lighting vehicles use metal halide lamps as light sources, so that the stability of the light sources can be effectively guaranteed. Because the filament of a metal halide lamp has no broken filaments, this means that its useful life will be longer. At the same time, the luminance of a metal halide lamp is six times that of an ordinary lamp, and it can better satisfy various types of operations. demand.

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