Entrusted by Taiwan Qingfu Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Ningbo Jiesheng Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. undertook the research and development task of 55 sets of large-scale tuna purse seine fishing equipment. Relevant equipment has been loaded and used at the end of March this year. The successful development of key equipment fence winch, power block, float ball tractor and whole ship hydraulic system indicates that Jiesheng Ocean has the design production capacity of large-scale tuna purse complete sets of fishing equipment, which will expand its future business. Have a positive and far-reaching impact.
Jiesheng Ocean develops large-scale tuna purse seine fishing equipment for Chinese shipowners in Taiwan, aiming to develop supporting equipment and systems suitable for offshore fishing nets with good performance, convenient operation, flexible maneuverability, strong load resistance and advanced technology. Prepare technical preparations for the development of domestic ocean-going seine fishing boats.
It is reported that the company has carried out research on key equipment technologies such as purse winches, power blocks and float tractors in order to change the current offshore oceans around the characteristics of safety, reliability, low energy consumption, practicality and high integration of offshore fishing nets. The backward situation of fishing boats mainly based on second-hand ships and old ships is of great significance for improving fishing efficiency, reducing the labor intensity of crews and enhancing the competitiveness of China's fisheries.

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