Recently, the “Big Project Promotion Year” mobilization meeting was held in the Zhonglou District, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, mobilizing the entire region to work hard to achieve a good start in the “13th Five-Year Plan”. At the mobilization meeting, Changzhou District Party Committee and District Government commended 2015 outstanding enterprises and outstanding entrepreneurs. Changchai was awarded the top ten manufacturing tax-paying enterprises in 2015. Chairman Xue Guojun won the title of 2015 Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Clock Tower District. .

Changchai won the 2015 top ten manufacturers of manufacturing tax

The mobilization of award-winning enterprises in the meeting requires firm confidence, perseverance, and enthusiasm. It firmly grasps the two technological innovation-driven and capital-driven innovation driving forces of enterprise development, accelerates the implementation of technological transformation, promotes product upgrades, and is bold in mergers and reorganizations and moves toward the capital market. Promote enterprises to become bigger, stronger and better. The award-winning entrepreneurs must firmly establish the concept of openness and development, use various market tools and policy tools flexibly, continue to innovate and solve bottlenecks, and promote the ideas and methods for project construction.

Bending and cutting system (patented technology):

bending arm driven by servo motor can protrude or draw back while bending different angles, when cutting system receives signal, it will finish cutting work synchronously.

Control system:

CNC control with malfunction alarm, PLC, servo motor and electric components use Japan and Germany brand.

Material feeding system:

2 payoffs with brakes, suitable for single and double strand, buffer unit can reduce the resistance and instability during the process of decoiling.

Cnc Wire Bending Machine

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