According to the new GB7258 "Technical Conditions for the Safe Operation of Motor Vehicles", all semi-trailer brakes should be equipped with an automatic adjustment device for the braking gap since January 1, 2018. The old drivers have introduced new policies and regulations. According to the different brands of trailer axles, the additional cost for each vehicle is between 900 and 1,500 yuan.

Beginning next year, all semi-trailer brakes should be equipped with automatic brake gap adjustment

Dongfeng Liuqi Brake clearance automatic adjustment device

Take the documents issued by a company in Anhui Province to dealers as an example. Newly-added automatic adjustment devices vary according to the different prices of the axle brands. BPW axles, each need to increase the price of 500 yuan, Fuhua axles each increase 300 yuan. Kaile, Huajin, Tianchi axles each increase 200 yuan.

Dongfeng Liuqi Enterprise related document notice

Those who had already bought a car but had not mentioned the car had to seize the time. The date for picking up the car after next year may cost more.

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