If the mobile vending truck has a deviation or a slight degree of jitter during driving, it is generally caused by tires. The first possibility is that because the wheel balance of the mobile sales vehicle is not good, the driver needs to drive the vehicle to a professional repair station to make a balance and four-wheel alignment. If the mobile sales truck does not run away, it will only Sit down the balance of the tires on it.


The second situation is more serious. It may be due to the deformation of the tire steel wheel of the vehicle. The out-of-the-box condition is the need for professional inspection and repair at a professional repair shop. And this situation is usually locked in the mobile vending trucks which are older. If the new mobile sales truck is replacing tires and tires, it is necessary to balance the tires each time. Otherwise, when the weights are uneven, the steering wheel will appear to shake. When the body has appeared, The comfort of the vehicle and the sense of maneuverability will be affected when the camera shakes.

This can be caused by unbalanced deformation of the drive shaft of the mobile sales vehicle . This situation is mostly due to a collision before the mobile sales vehicle. The body shake that occurs when the vehicle is idling is also often encountered. If the mobile vending vehicle driver actually stops the vehicle and starts the vehicle, the body shake is more obvious when the engine is not turned off. Then you can consider whether it is because of the instability of the oil pressure, the deterioration of some components of the mobile vending engine, and so on.

If it is already fully cleaned up of the carbon vending engine's carbon deposit, the spark plug and the oil pad are replaced with new ones, and all the throttle valves have been cleaned, there will still be cases of idling mobile vending vehicle bodies. Then it is necessary to go to a professional repair station to check the fuel supply pressure of the fuel and whether the sensor at the time of intake is working properly. If the fuel supply pressure of the vehicle is abnormal and the value of the pressure sensor of the intake air is completely wrong. It will cause the vehicle to shake.

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