PJL vertical static crusher

The vertical static crusher produced by Dahua Heavy Machinery adopts the principle of low speed and static pressure crushing, with low power consumption (0.8kWh/t), less wear, less failure, good sealing effect, adjustable outer chamber liner, feeding F

Activity and activity coefficient of solution

Any leaching process involves a solution, so the nature of the solution, especially the interaction of ions and molecules in the solution, has a significant impact on the leaching process. The molecules and ions that make up the aqueous solution interact with each o

Precautions when using torque wrench

Everyone is familiar with torque wrench, torque wrench is the main role of the fastening bolt, torque wrench into our digital torque wrench, dial torque wrench preset torque wrench, electric torque wrench, then we should know the torque wrench in use Pay attention to what iss