Home renovation style

Ao Lin Xiao Bian to introduce to you a few common home improvement style.
We are Chinese, so the first one is Chinese. The average family chooses Chinese people who are middle-aged or older. Chinese decoration is relatively expensive. Of course, most of them like Chinese are entrepreneurs

Vibration conveyor and process technology

I. Overview
The working principle of the vibrating conveyor is to force the carrier (conveyor or conveying tower) through the exciter to make a simple harmonic motion or approximate harmonic vibration in a certain direction. When the acceleration of the vibr

Guangxi lighting market ice and fire two days

Since the beginning of this year, most of the lighting stores in Nanning, Guangxi have appeared in the words of pavement transfer. In the impact of the big environment in 2016, some dealers turned down the store to protect the warehouse because they could not afford the store operation; some de