Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yunnet Power”) is a 2018 partner meeting with the theme of “convergence of brand strength and “gold medal” power” held in Chongqing. The major domestic automakers and industry experts attended the conference. The meeting, together with Yunnei, summed up the past and looked forward to the future.
Yunnei Dynamics 2018 Partner Conference Yunnei Dynamics 2018 Partner Conference

On December 14th, 2017, the theme of the conference was “The Power of Coagulating Brand Forces to Create 'Gold Brand' Power”. The meeting was chaired by Wang Hongliang, Deputy General Manager of Yunnei Power and General Manager of Marketing Company. Wang Hongliang warmly welcomed the guests at the meeting. Welcome and heartfelt thanks.

Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. Chairman Yang Bo Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. Chairman Yang Bo

The meeting was first delivered by the party committee secretary and chairman of Yunnan Yunnei Power Group Co., Ltd. and Yang Bo, chairman of Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. Chairman Yang Bo expressed warm welcome to the guests. He said that Yunnei Power has been in recent years. “Turning around the market and following the market” and continuously launching products that meet the market demand are the motive forces that drove the development of Yunnei’s power. Although China’s six emission regulations are more stringent, the cloud’s internal forces are facing difficulties and advance through. Layout, accumulated experience, formed a complete program, through the "intelligent, standardized, lightweight, platform," the cloud within the three major product series platform, Yunnei power in the Six Nations era when it is bound to be China's multi-cylinder small The winner in the bore engine industry. Chairman Yang Bo emphasized that in 2018 Yunnei’s sales revenue of automotive engines will inevitably create greater glory on the basis of an increase of 80% this year. Yunnei Power will continue to build and master the “two core technologies” and “two major powers”. The assembly" transforms the company from a traditional engine manufacturer into a service provider that provides system solutions to customers.

Yunnei Power General Manager Dai Yunhui Yunnei Power General Manager Dai Yunhui

Subsequently, Yun Yuni, general manager of Yunnei Power, made a keynote speech to the guests attending the conference. The company also communicated to the guests present in 2017 regarding the Yunnei dynamic work and achievements, the company's product market layout, the six-phase product development, and environmental consistency. Dai Yunhui said that the victory of Yunnei Power in the National Five Market has laid a solid foundation for the overall layout of the Sixth National Market. The Yunnei Power Sixth Platform product comprehensively covers the 0.9L-6.7L displacement range. The rich product lineage can provide the highest quality and most comprehensive supporting options for each platform model. Under the premise of ensuring that products meet the national environmental protection regulations, it is definitely the best choice for customers. Subsequently, the general manager of Dai Yunhui also explained to the guests the company's mission and the company's vision of pursuing the company's mission, and ushered in the unanimous praise of the participants.

Immediately afterwards, Song Guofu, deputy general manager of Yunnei Power and director of the Technical Center, gave details of the details of Yunnei’s engine products to the participants. Song Guofu first introduced the five domestic products in Yunnei Power, and pointed out that Yunnei’s Power Five engine has excellent performance as well as the situation in the major well-known vehicle products. In the light of the future, light trucks and pickup trucks, Yun Neiguo Five engines will become standard. He said that although the outside world is not optimistic about the development of the internal combustion engine industry, but as a leader in domestic multi-cylinder small-diameter diesel engines, Yunnei Power is bound to achieve the ultimate in internal combustion engine products to meet a new round of challenges. Subsequently, Song Guofu gave a detailed report to the guests present on the research and development of Yunnei Power Six Platform products and announcements. He pointed out that Yunnei Power National Products is a product that complies with the requirements of national emission regulations. The product's performance indicators have surpassed other similar competing products. While satisfying emission requirements, it can provide more powerful power performance and optimal fuel consumption. It is the best choice for customers in the six emission stages of the country.

In the afternoon, the automobile industry information interpretation branch was successfully held. Xing Min, executive vice president of the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, Dr. Jia Liu from the Vehicle Sewage Disposal Monitoring Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and Professor Ge Yunshan from the Beijing Institute of Technology aimed at the current development trend of domestic internal combustion engines, the Sixth National Emission Standard, and The environmental protection consistency and other aspects were explained in detail for the participants. Xing Min, executive deputy chairman, said that “China’s internal combustion engine has continued to be the world’s first in eight years in production and sales, and it has become a veritable large-scale internal-combustion engine, moving from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage” and calling for China to become a powerful country from a large-scale internal-combustion engine. Quality development. Immediately afterwards, Dr. Liu Jia and Prof. Yunyun Yun gave detailed explanations to the key questions of the environmental protection consistency of automobile emissions and the six-stage emission test requirements for light and heavy-duty trucks. They also stated that more stringent emission regulations were issued. It is imperative that China's internal combustion engine industry should follow the trend and continue to innovate in order to create products that meet the requirements of the country, and drive the leap-forward development of China's internal combustion engine industry.

Yunnei Power, a leading company in China's multi-cylinder small-diameter diesel engine industry, provides customers with system solutions. Yunnei Power adhering to the "Made in China 2025" and "smart manufacturing" development strategy, is committed to providing customers with the highest cost-effective, best quality products. In 2018, Yunnei Power will sincerely cooperate with all partners to create a brilliant future!

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