First, consider the quality of equipment or components themselves. In theory, quality problems may occur on various equipment and components. However, from an experience point of view, the pure quality of the product itself occurs in decoders, electric gimbals, and transmission components. It is worth noting that some equipment may not be unusable due to its overall quality, but it may not meet the specifications given in the product specification on certain technical indicators. Therefore, the necessary sample testing must be performed on the selected product. When it is indeed a product quality problem, the best way is to replace the product and not disassemble and repair it. In addition, the most common problems arise from improper adjustment of the equipment. For example, the adjustment of the intercept after the camera is a very detailed and precise task. If the adjustment is not carefully performed, problems such as poor focusing or defocusing during various operations of the three variable lenses may occur. In addition, whether the positions of some switches and adjustment knobs on the camera are correct, whether they meet the technical requirements of the system, the correctness of the encoder coding switch or other adjustable position settings directly affect the normal use of the device itself or affect the normal performance of the entire system. .

Second, improper power supply caused by equipment failure, the power supply is incorrect, there are several possibilities: the power supply line or the power supply voltage is not correct, the power is not enough (or a certain road power supply line is not enough, the voltage is too large, etc.), power supply Short circuit, open circuit, instantaneous overvoltage, etc. occur in the transmission lines of the system. In particular, equipment damage due to power supply errors or instantaneous overvoltages has recently occurred. Because of this, in the commissioning of the system, before the power supply, it must be checked and checked carefully and strictly, and should never be taken lightly.
Third, because some devices (such as cameras with three variable lenses and PTZ) have many links, if the processing is not good, especially if the line connected to the device is not handled well, there will be open circuit, short circuit and line. Poor insulation, incorrect wiring, etc. result in equipment damage and performance degradation. In this case, the analysis should be made calmly based on the phenomenon of failure, and it should be determined on which of the lines that the connection is faulty. This will reduce the scope of the problem. It is particularly worth pointing out that cameras with pan-tilt heads have a long time due to all-round movements, resulting in disconnection and breakage of connections that are common. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the connection of equipment and various lines in this case to meet the requirements of long-term operation.

If it is inaccurate, we can consult the technical and technical personnel of Lean.

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