In the current fruit industry, lemon cultivation also occupies an important part. Many people are not only a kind of fruit, but they can be processed into different products and have a wide range of uses. However, with the expansion of the lemon planting area, lemon pests and diseases have become increasingly serious, which has seriously affected the yield and quality of lemon cultivation, and has become a thorny issue for many lemon gardens. In order to carry out the pollution-free production of lemon green, the lemon garden did not use traditional pesticides to kill insects. Instead, it used solar insecticide lamps instead. The application of solar insect killer lamps not only realizes the effective prevention and control of lemon insect pests, but also saves time, labor, and environmental protection. Therefore, it is becoming more and more popular in the lemon garden.

Solar insect killer

Previously rely mainly on pesticides, the use of pesticides more or less will remain in the lemon fruit, not too eco-friendly, but also with the original intention to create a base for pollution-free lemon demonstration base does not match. The solar-powered insecticidal lamp now used is a physical control method. During the process of killing insects, it will not damage the environment of lemon and lemon garden. In addition, the solar insecticidal lamp has obvious insecticidal effects on the pests such as Turdus punctiferalis, P. sinensis, P. moth, P. xylostella, P. tridentatus, and P. mongolica in the lemon garden, and after application, it has obvious insect pests. The prevention and control effect can effectively ensure the pollution-free green quality of lemon.

The application of solar insecticidal lamps in the lemon garden also has a significant advantage, which is cost savings. Solar insecticidal lamps are equipped with solar panels and use solar energy to power them. Therefore, the use in the lemon garden does not require additional cables and electricity, which is not only safer, but also saves the cost of electricity for the lemon garden and saves costs. The use of solar insecticidal lamps can also reduce the use of pesticides, which is another performance of the lemon garden to save costs.

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Food Grade Colored Silicone Tubing

Product introduce:

Food Grade Colored Silicone tubing is extruded and molded by environmental non-toxic silica raw materials through a special process.  Clear heat resistant high temperature silicone rubber tubing it has good performance at flexibility, abrasion and distortion and it can be resistant to many kinds of solvents, oils, acids and diluted sodium hydroxide. High temperature silicone rubber tubing it can`t pollute the products covered by it, quite suitable for medical, food and dairy industries. 

Feature & benefit:
a) Halogen-free environmental

b) Other features: electric arc resistance, corona resistance

c) Color: transparent, black, colorized
Product application:
Applied to medical equipment, food manufacturing liquid tupe and pneumatic tube, also used in household appliances, wire and cable of industrial machinery industry for providing insulation protection. 

Working temperature: - 60 degrees Celsius to + 200 degrees Celsius

Product images:

thin wall silicone rubber tubing
High temperature silicone rubber tubing

SR-N silicone tubing

Product specification:

Transparent anti yellowing square silicone tubing

Insulating Tubing

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