1 Overview Closed harmonics - The planetary gear reducer is the same as other closed planetary gear reducers. It is also a combination of a differential gear mechanism X (two degrees of freedom) and a basic gear mechanism (one degree of freedom); The combined block diagram is as shown. However, its differential gear mechanism or basic gear mechanism is a harmonic gear mechanism with a flexible gear. Therefore, the closed gear mechanism is called a closed harmonic-to-star gear reducer.
Since the first stage wave generator H of the closed harmonic-Ningxing gear reducer is an input member, the first stage rigid wheel b and the second stage internal gear k are output members, and the second stage jib H is fixed; therefore its transmission code is (XC)H(bb); the letter X represents the harmonic gear mechanism, the letter C represents the (quasi) planetary gear mechanism; the first stage of the soft wheel g1 and the second stage of the center wheel m Connected together, the closed combination is as shown in the figure. Since the closed gear reducer adopts a harmonic gear transmission with a plurality of gear teeth meshing, it has a compact structure, small volume, light weight, large carrying capacity, and transmission precision. Advanced features Therefore, the closed harmonic-to-star gear reducer has been widely used in modern mechanical transmission.
2 Closed harmonics - planetary gear reducer gear ratio calculation The drive diagram for the closed harmonic planetary gear reducer shown can be represented by the structural diagram shown. The structural diagram includes a harmonic gear mechanism xP - a planetary gear mechanism x2, an input member A output member B, and a support member E and an auxiliary member d. The wave generator H in the transmission diagram is the input member A, the rigid wheel and The internal gear b2 is the output member B, the fixing member H is the support member E, and the flexible wheel is connected to the center wheel a2 as the auxiliary member d. Therefore, the transmission can be replaced with a simple structure.
For the above-mentioned closed harmonic-to-star gear reducer drive. E ugly (b) ratio calculation formula can be easily substituted by means of its structural simplicity. (6) (7) is substituted into (4) (5), and then (4) (5) is substituted into (3) ), the closed harmonic can be obtained - the transmission ratio formula of the planetary gear reducer is when the rigid wheel b1 and the internal gear b2 are fixed (Wb1Wb0), the wave generator H is input, and the rotating arm H2 is output, the closed harmonic - The comet gear reducer becomes a two-stage harmonic-Ningxing gear reducer in series with the single-stage harmonic gear mechanism and the planetary gear mechanism. According to the transmission relationship of the two-stage harmonic-Ningxing gear reducer, the steering of the transmission ratio (rotary arm) is opposite to the steering of the input member H (wave generator), that is, the angular velocity Wh of the output member and the input member The angular velocity Wh turns oppositely.
3 closed harmonics - planetary gear reducer force analysis When the angular velocity CB 0, the transmission ratio relationship is for the closed harmonic - the star gear reducer can also use the structural diagram shown to carry out its force Analysis and efficiency calculations are based on the closed harmonics - the torque relationship of the star gear transmission: according to the universal relationship of planetary gear transmissions and the closed harmonics shown in the figure for the closed harmonics - the planetary gear reducer, its harmonic gear transmission The efficiency calculation formula of the mechanism is one X. For the transmission diagram shown, since the rigid wheel bi is integrated with the internal gear k, the flexible wheel gi and the central wheel az are coupled to each other, so their torque calculation formula is Kx auxiliary coefficient, The calculation formula is based on the torque balance relationship on the basic components of the planetary gear transmission in the hermetic gear reducer: Th: the relationship between the moments Ta and Tb, mm; d is the inner diameter of the flexible bearing, and the efficiency of the planetary gear transmission mechanism is mm Calculated by the following formula: where Xz:f is the meshing friction coefficient, generally fz: 006-0.1; if the tooth surface passes the running, the number of pinion gears in the gear pair of f 0.05Z1 can be taken; the number of teeth of the large gear in the z gear pair ; plus sign +" Suitable for external engagement; negative is suitable for internal engagement.
The toilet is accessible and the arm H is output. At this time, the combined gear mechanism becomes a two-stage harmonic-Ningxing gear reducer that is axially connected in series with a single-stage harmonic gear transmission and a simple planetary gear transmission; the transmission ratio can be calculated according to formula (10).卩): a. Untightened bolts h Bolts to be tightened c. Working conditions of bolted electric wrenches 1. Clamping head 2. Fixed torque cut 3. Bolt part 4. Nut 5. Gasket 6 Fastened body 7. Inner sleeve 8. Outer sleeve Note: 1. The inner sleeve 7 is connected with the arm H2; 2. The outer sleeve 8 is connected with the inner gear b2 (connected to the inner sleeve) Fixed, the internal gear h (connected with the rigid wheel b>) is outputted, so that the screw is tightened, the arm H2 outputs the rotational speed m and the torque T, and finally the small bolt head is twisted to achieve the rated tightening applied to the bolt. Torque to control the preload of the bolt connection. Thereby, the purpose of enhancing the rigidity, tightness and the loosening resistance of the bolt connection can be achieved.
Internal gear h output. In this case, the combined gear mechanism becomes a closed harmonic-to-star gear reducer; its gear ratio can be calculated according to formula (8), which is known from the above calculation results. At this time, the steering of the arm H2 Contrary to the steering of the wave generator H; that is, the negative sign indicates that the output rotational speed m is opposite to the steering of the input rotational speed m. It can be seen that the transmission ratios lH(hh) and the absolute values ​​of the CHf are very close in the above two operating conditions; I called lHn. Due to the above-mentioned (2) working conditions, the force analysis calculation is simpler and easier. Secondly, according to the formula (20, calculate the closed harmonic 4 efficiency of the star gear reducer nL; the efficiency of the harmonic gear transmission nHg It can be calculated according to the formula (21): h 1-x "First press (22 Calculate the loss coefficient XHS: the base circle radius rhb of the rigid wheel h - press again (23 for the auxiliary coefficient; 19 for the upper formula can be obtained: press again (24 type calculates the efficiency of the planetary transmission mechanism iBe: 1.5, the meshing friction coefficient f2 = 0.88 substitution (24 type can obtain the efficiency of planetary gear transmission

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