The latest manganese ore beneficiation technology

(a) manganese oxide ore
Weathered sedimentary and hydrothermal deposits are based primarily on secondary manganese oxide ore and also have some primary and secondary manganese oxide ore. Manganese ore mainly contains hard manganese ore, manganese ore, water, silicate gangue minerals as well as carbonate minerals, iron , phosphorus , nickel , cobalt , and other components. Often used for casting.
Manganese oxide ore beneficiation -based method of re-election. Weathered stones often contain large amounts of mud and mineral powders, and the washing process used produces manganese oxides. Coal mine off the mud, net income of ore, and some can be extracted as mineral products, as well as take some beneficiation methods, such as shaking jig and re-election. The mineral particles washed by the washing machine sometimes require re-election or strong magnetic separation and other methods for further extraction. Some sediment type manganese oxides are usually re-elected to eliminate coal gangue and extracted for mass production.
Iron manganese oxide ore, mainly limonite. Iron and manganese are difficult to re-select, and flotation or strong magnetic separation is further selected. Magnetic separation requires a reduction roasting method.
(2) Manganese carbonate ore
Manganese carbonate ore deposits, mainly for manganese ore, manganese ore, manganese and calcite , etc.; coal gangue with carbonate and silicate minerals; often accompanied by impurities such as sulfur and iron. Ore is generally more complicated, embedded manganese to a small size of a few microns, separation is not easy, it is often difficult to obtain a higher grade ore.
Manganese carbonate ore dressing production practice is less, a strong magnetic separation, flotation, heavy medium is the main research method. Some deposited carbonate manganese ores contain carbonaceous shale , pyrite, and manganese compounds in the order of preferential flotation processes. The hot liquid of manganese carbonate contains lead , zinc , and the ore part uses a strong magnetic field flotation process. Some of the sulfur-rich manganese ore, manganese ore ore, is mainly used for desulfurization. Some manganese carbonate-rich ore production is also used in roasting methods to eliminate volatile constituents and to refine the ore.
Manganese oxide and manganese carbonate ore contain refractory ore, manganese, iron, phosphorus or coal gangue. The inlaid grain size is very fine and difficult to sort. You can consider how to deal with smelting. For example, high-phosphorus-manganese-rich manganese-rich slag ore is processed, and active manganese and nitric acid are leached out of the electrolytic manganese dioxide production process for industrial production. In addition, research and leaching of calcium disulfide.

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