The sweeping brush used by XCMG's environmental road surface cleaning products has formed a company's "mysterious formula" after many scientific matching of chemicals. It has achieved a one-fold increase in brushing life and greatly reduced the user's later use costs. This secret recipe is completely comparable to Coca-Cola's "7X product."

As a direct action component of the road sweeping equipment, the sweeper's service life and operating results are directly related to the user's operating costs and operating efficiency. In order to improve the competitiveness of the products, the company and the Xugong Research Institute worked together to launch sweeping and self-control projects.

In 2015, formula research and development and sample prototypes were completed. In order to transform research and development results and enhance the performance of the company's core components, the project team plans to implement self-made production lines in 2016. After more than a year of research, process layout, equipment bidding, procurement, installation and commissioning, the sweeping production line was commissioned at the end of 2016, and it has the production capacity for batch sweeping every day.

It is said that the road to success is tortuous, and there are also two small episodes in the progress of the self-made project. At the beginning of 2017, when the project team organized small-batch production verification, there was a phenomenon of bulk hair loss in the sweeper. In the face of the problem, everyone gave advice and suggestions: increase the depth of brush bristles, increase the injection pressure, reduce the depth of the mold, and so on.

After repeated tests and anatomical analysis of purchased brushes, an additional step was added before the injection process of the brush handle. The bristles were fused using an electric oven to form a “D” buckle, and then injection molding was performed so that the bristles would be securely clipped. Will not fall off in the handle.

The misfortune is not alone. Just as the sweepers are about to invest in the trial market in Xuzhou, they have found that there is a fluffing phenomenon that seriously affects the appearance quality. Once again, the project team made in-depth study to adjust the sweeping formula, but it was not fluffing or softening. Eventually, they focused on the process, and after numerous trial adjustments, reduced the extrusion diameter, removed the primary stretching, and changed the tension. A series of improvements such as parameter, reduction of bristle strength, and improvement of its toughness have successfully solved the problem of fluffing.

Through on-the-spot verification, the company's sweeping use cycle has exceeded the life span of ordinary outsourcing sweeps by more than 1 time, which has been widely praised by customers.

From the research and development of sweeper to the final investment in the market, the project personnel are persistently pursuing the “technical leading and non-destructive” gold standard and upholding the “artisan spirit” to carefully and carefully crafted every detail of the product, allowing small sweepers to sweep out a big market! (This article is from Xugong)

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