With the development and progress of society, China has more and more types of drying equipment, and has achieved certain benefits under the constant improvement of its technical level. However, under the fierce competition in the market, the drying equipment industry is moving toward all-round development and entering a period of rapid development. Drying equipment not only has a wide range of applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, etc., but also plays a significant role in the drying of cereals, greatly reducing the food due to moisture and mold problems. Nowadays, drying equipment has become a star in the drying equipment industry. People always pay attention to its development. When it comes to development, it will encounter resistance. Let's analyze what factors constrain its development.

In the early days, the popular grain drying machinery emerged at various machinery exhibitions, but there are still unfavorable factors in its development. First, there is no shortage of labor in agriculture. Of the population of more than 1.3 billion people in China, the majority of the labor force in rural areas has at least 800 million, which has a great impact on the growth of grain drying machinery; second, the income of farmers is limited. Annual income growth is very slow. The price of a grain drying machine may make it prohibitive. Third, the import volume of agricultural products increases. At the same time as the import volume increases, China's export volume will decrease, which will seriously affect the development of agricultural products. Fourth, the agricultural machinery support policy is not in place. Agricultural machinery has not received strong support from policies, which has also seriously affected the speed of agricultural machinery development.

Everything is both beneficial and disadvantageous. While drying machinery is well known to people, it also brings rare opportunities for development. As the government attaches great importance to the production of food, many measures have been introduced in recent years to increase the enthusiasm of farmers for grain production and the "Agriculture Mechanization Promotion Law" has been promulgated and implemented. Under the favorable policy environment of economic support, price subsidies and tax incentives, agricultural machinery is in steady development. The production process of agricultural products is inseparable from the drying process. The demand for and requirements for mechanical drying of enterprises is also increasing. But in so many categories, dryers can be promoted from utility model machinery and technical service support. Joint sales are also a good way to combine the harvester for better promotion. Combining with the characteristics of the dryer itself, companies and large manufacturers can understand that the dryer can not only avoid losses and prevent natural disasters, but also save time and prevent traffic safety. Xiao Bian often sees the sun on the road, which seriously hampers traffic safety. The dryer needs to be promoted so that the significance of the drying machine is widely recognized.