It is not easy to achieve such rapid growth in such a large base and background after winning the largest manufacturing country in the world for many years.
Industrial growth and adjustment coexisted last year In 2014, the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 8.3% year-on-year, of which manufacturing industry increased by 9.4%. In terms of efficiency, industrial enterprises above designated size achieved a profit of 6.47 trillion yuan, an increase of 3.3%, of which the manufacturing industry realized a profit growth of 6.5%. In 2014, the total volume of telecom services reached 1.8 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.1%. In 2014, the information consumption scale reached 2.8 trillion yuan, an increase of 18%.
In Mao Weiming's view, in the face of the complicated domestic and international economic situation, facing the difficulties, doing a good job in innovation-driven development, industrial restructuring, etc., so that the industrial economy has achieved a smooth, healthy and effective operation, the overall situation can be summarized as " Stabilize, adjust, promote, increase."
In terms of production status, China's high-tech industry has experienced rapid growth. The added value of high-tech industries has increased by 4 percentage points compared with last year. At the same time, the proportion of the entire industrial economy in China has increased from 12.1% to 12.8%. On the other hand, steel, cement and flat glass, which are the five areas promised by the government work report to resolve overcapacity and eliminate backward production capacity, steel growth is 0.9%, cement 1.8%, flat glass 1.1%, slightly There is growth.
At the beginning of last year, the state had promised that the steel phase-out amount would be 27 million tons, the cement would be 42 million tons, and the flat glass would be 35 million weight boxes. As of the end of last year, China's overall elimination of backward steel 31.1 million tons, the elimination of cement 81 million tons, the elimination of flat glass 37.6 million weight boxes, excellent completion of the elimination task.
This year, the industry still needs to speed up its adjustment to the "new normal".
The situation facing China's industry this year is still complicated.
Mao Weiming said that in 2015, there are still many uncertain factors from an international perspective. The world economy is still in a period of deep adjustment after the financial crisis, and the growth rate may pick up slightly. However, overall, the recovery is weak and there will be no obvious improvement. On the other hand, the reform dividend is further released, and the macro-control measures are more targeted, operational and effective. The drive for innovation has penetrated into all levels of society, especially the pace of structural adjustment is accelerating, and the strength and potential of the Chinese economy are strong. With sufficient room for maneuver, it creates a favorable space for the steady and rapid development of the industrial economy.
"We feel that the high-end of traditional industries is undergoing continuous reform this year, and the development potential of emerging industries is constantly emerging. In building an upgraded version of China's economy, industrial systems should make due contributions," said Mao Weiming.