After the acceptance of the expert group for 2 days, the National Power and Energy Storage Battery Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center officially passed the capacity building acceptance on December 28, 2014.
It is understood that around the "building in the local, serving the country, to the world" construction purposes, the National Power and Energy Storage Battery Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center from the beginning of construction in accordance with product quality inspection and testing, technology research and development, technical standards, technical funds The service four-in-one requirements create a public service platform. Especially in inspection and testing, from lead-acid batteries to lithium batteries, from power batteries to energy storage batteries, from power-assisted car batteries to car batteries and new energy car batteries, the national center detection capability covers more than 90% of the national center name products. . On the basis of the existing production license inspection for 8 lead-acid battery products, all lead-acid battery products are covered for certification. At present, 276 batches of government-level inspections have been completed, and the company has commissioned more than 950 batches of inspections. At the same time, the National Center also cooperated with universities to build public laboratories, and new products developed by the relevant enterprises have also been produced in related enterprises.
It is reported that Zhejiang Changxing County Bureau actively responds to the needs of the situation and actively builds a set of "product quality inspection, testing technology research and development, standard formulation, technology based on the existing testing equipment and capabilities of the Zhejiang Green Power Power Product Quality Inspection Center. The service of the "four-in-one national power and energy storage battery product quality supervision and inspection center will further accelerate the structural adjustment of the power battery industry, regional brand building and industrial transformation and upgrading, and enhance the ability of market competition and sustainable development.