At present, China's drying equipment industry has begun to enter a more mature stage of development, while at the same time being able to meet the actual needs of downstream companies. Although the drying equipment still has the problem of low technological content, overall, the outlook for pharmaceutical companies that produce drying equipment is still very promising.

In recent years, the demand for drying equipment in pharmaceutical machines has gradually increased. In particular, the demand for larger-scale equipment and equipment with functional combination in vacuum freeze-drying equipment is increasing, and high-automated drying equipment is more and more widely used in the pharmaceutical field.

The vacuum dryer is a device that removes moisture from the interior of the container after the interior air of the packaging container is drawn to a predetermined degree of vacuum. During drying, the inside of the tank is in a vacuum state, and the jacket is heated by hot water (or steam, heat-conducting oil). As the tank rotates at a low speed, the material continuously moves up and down inside and outside the tank, and the inside and outside of the tank become a “rhombus trajectory” and absorbs evaporation. Steam is continuously discharged through the vacuum line to achieve the purpose of drying the material. At the same time as the drying of the mixture, built-in spray, filter, crushing and other devices according to customer requirements can achieve its multi-function operation.

Moreover, the advantages of vacuum drying equipment are outstanding, with advantages of low-temperature drying, less destruction of active ingredients, looseness, easy dissolution, absorption, drying, and sterilization, which can ensure high active ingredient, high sterility index, and good oral absorption.

China's drying equipment industry has begun to enter a relatively mature stage of development. Some enterprises have made breakthrough progress, reduced energy consumption to a certain extent, reduced pollution, and brought more benefits and values ​​to society.

Although there is still a certain gap with the developed countries, as long as companies can stick to the right direction, want to be smart, and develop in a green and low-carbon way, the drying equipment industry will surely achieve catch-up.