Thermocouple thermometer installation problems

After having the basic understanding of the thermocouple thermometer, the most need to grasp is the installation of the thermocouple thermometer. Only after the correct installation, can we operate the thermocouple thermometer correctly, then we all know that the thermocouple thermometer What a

LED lighting industry price war is getting worse

Lighting products have shifted from the traditional to the emerging LEDs, which have been ups and downs and have been suspected. With the maturity of the technology and the stability of the market, LED products have long been the trend of the times, gradually occupying all areas of lighting. Ho

Machine tool production requirements

Existing old machine tools and robots need to be modified. The machine tools and robots need components and CN systems. Each year, different systems need more than 270,000 sets.

In 20 years, the output of gold cutting machine tools is 177,000. Among them, the machine tool output is

One second crystal oscillator

1. Crystals and crystals In general, we call crystals and Oscillators both crystals. This is not an appropriate name.

The passive crystal is a non-polar element with two pins, as shown in Figure 1(a). In normal operation, an external circuit is required to generate an oscillating signa