Valve body and bonnet leakage treatment methods

1, cast iron casting quality is not high, the valve body and the valve body with trachoma, loose tissue, slag and other defects 2, the day cold cracking; 3, poor welding, there is slag inclusions, welding, stress cracks and other defects 4 , Cast iron valve is hit by heavy objects after the dam

LED lighting industry development can not be rushed

In the past two years, the LED industry channel has developed rapidly. The price of LED general lighting products has dropped rapidly at a rate of more than 30 per year. The channel distribution in the first half of this year has made the LED industry appear on the surface. However, the sales m

High-density LED technology leads the market

As a global manufacturer and industry leader in LED epitaxy, chip, package, LED lighting solutions, compound semiconductor materials, power devices and RF, Cree is based on the summary of the development of LED technology. In 2013, it took the lead in proposing the concept of high-density