Recently, Haolianghe Chemical Fertilizer Branch Company of Heilongjiang Beidahuang Agriculture Co., Ltd. has another 3,971 tons of high quality Beidancun urea and is shipped to the main grain production areas inside and outside the province. This year, they took direct sales of factory-priced warehouses and set up additional outlets in major agricultural production areas to directly sell fertilizers to farmers and other forms of service, and endeavored to provide high-quality urea for agricultural production. As of March 15, they had shipped 47141.6 tons of high-quality urea to the main grain producing areas inside and outside the province, which not only facilitated the purchase of fertilizer by farmers, but also reduced farmers' expenditures.

Last year, Haolianghe Fertilizer Branch exceeded its annual urea production task. This year, in order to produce more fertilizers to support agricultural production, they plan to produce 185,000 tons of urea. While actively purchasing raw coal, they insisted on intensifying management of the entire production process and further optimized the production and operation methods. Two sets of urea production equipments are operating at full capacity and at full capacity. The average daily production of urea is nearly 700 tons, and the urea pass rate is maintained at 100. %.

In the sales of urea, they updated their concepts, actively engaged in good urea sales services, reduced intermediate links, and simplified the handling procedures. Whether they came to buy cash for urea or to purchase urea through bank remittance, they actively handled it. Due to the continuous stream of customers purchasing urea, the company's sales department contacted and coordinated the transportation department to actively organize shipments. This year, they also focused on the actual situation of farmers' transport difficulties, further expanded the direct sales of urea, and increased the direct sales volume of urea. In addition to the transport capacity of direct delivery in the factory warehouse, farmers and fertilizer users can also pick up goods at the nearest sales network. Sales personnel at each sales outlet also took the initiative to meet with the farmers and then transported the high-quality urea directly to the farmers' front door for sale. This directly benefited farmers, facilitated farmers' purchase of chemical fertilizers, and ensured the interests of farmers.

At present, the Haolianghe Fertilizer Branch Ships at the same time by train and car. It transports about 650 tons of urea every day. The sales flow of urea has been discharged until the end of May.

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