On November 2, the reporter learned from the Energy Development Bureau of the National Development and Reform Commission that the preparatory work for the oil and gas legislation has started. The Development and Reform Commission’s Energy Bureau recently convened a symposium on oil and gas legislation. Leaders and experts from China National Petroleum Corporation, Sinopec, CNOOC, Sinochem, University of Political Science and Law, University of Petroleum, Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, and other experts discussed the pre-legislative work arrangements, work procedures, division of labor, and collaboration.
The petroleum and natural gas laws of China's energy law system are in a state of vacancy for a long time and cannot adapt to the new situation in which the current demand for oil and gas is rapidly growing. Delegates suggested that a working group for the drafting of the oil and natural gas law should be formed as soon as possible to formulate work implementation plans for the drafting of the oil and gas law, with objectives, detailed contents, clear division of labor, and implementation of tasks. It is necessary to make full use of the achievements of existing oil and gas legislation research work, learn from the experience of foreign oil and gas legislation, and combine with the reality of China's oil and gas industry to strive to develop a good oil and gas law in a relatively short period of time.
Since 1993, China has become a net importer of petroleum, and its net oil imports have increased year by year. In the future, the contradiction between supply and demand for oil and gas will further expand. The relevant person in charge of the Energy Development Bureau of the National Development and Reform Commission pointed out that the research and formulation of the Oil and Gas Law is very urgent. Legislation is conducive to accelerating the development of China's oil industry, ensuring the stable supply of petroleum resources, and helping to ensure the implementation of national economic security and sustainable development strategies.

Mold is a kind of industrial product that can make the material take shape in a certain way in a specific structure form.
Almost all industrial products, from airplanes and automobiles to tea cups and nails, must be moulded.
The high precision, high consistency and high productivity of moulds are incomparable to any other machining methods.
Mould determines the product quality, benefit and new product development ability to a great extent.
So the mold has the "mother of industry" honorary title.

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