In the first quarter of this year, the JAC forklift successfully entered the French and Japanese markets, which marked another major step for the JAC forklift to the international market.
Since the beginning of January this year, the production and sales volume of Jianghuai Heavy Industry forklift has doubled over the same period of last year, and it has been widely welcomed by domestic and foreign customers. Among them, the contribution of foreign markets is becoming more and more obvious. While stabilizing the development of the domestic market, Jianghuai has further accelerated the development of the international market. In addition to the developed markets in Europe and some Asian countries, Jianghuai has targeted this year in a wider range of Americas and some European countries that have not yet entered. .
Behind these strategies and confidence is the guarantee of quality and the support of quality. Since the beginning of this year, Jianghuai Heavy Industry has further increased the quality and productivity of enterprises, and at the same time formulated corporate quality policy and quality production targets. 2006 Jianghuai's quality policy is based on customer needs, relying on scientific and technological progress, continuously improve the management system, and provide first-class products. In 2006, the company's quality production targets were implemented to specific data, such as the internal combustion series forklift reliability * MTBF * up to 350 hours, the factory pass rate of 99%; QC group activities more than 25; customer satisfaction is greater than 92%. Through the formulation and guidance of the quality policy and objectives, the independent research and development capabilities of JAC Heavy Industries have been greatly improved, and the quality of JAC forklifts has been further guaranteed. The quality of JAC forklifts has reached the international advanced level, and compared with foreign first-class forklifts, JAC has higher cost performance, which is undoubtedly an important weight for JAC's exports.
At the same time, JAC various types of forklifts have obtained CE certification, and obtained ISO9001 certification as early as 2004, with import and export licenses and import and export quality certificates. In Europe, in addition to Germany, JAC forklifts have successfully entered larger countries.
In terms of services, JAC has also continuously improved its after-sales service for overseas sales. JAC has set up a number of after-sales service points in Europe to completely solve the fear that foreign customers can buy and not repair and continue to provide services. Based on the quality to win the trust of customers, perfect after-sales service One step to win the favor of foreign customers.
In terms of strategy, Jianghuai Heavy Industry has developed an export strategy that seeks to export all kinds of channels, directly sells to customers and actively seeks overseas agents to expand the visibility of JAC.
Under these measures and efforts, the brand of the JAC forklift has been upgraded, and the sales of the products have also achieved gratifying results. The forklift exports in the first two months of this year have doubled over the same period last year.

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