The annual production capacity of the domestic automobile stamping die industry is only 8 billion to 1 billion yuan, while the demand for molds in the Chinese auto market has reached more than 20 billion yuan. The rapid development of China's automobile industry puts forward higher and higher requirements for the mold industry, and it also provides a huge impetus for its development.

Li Jianhua, vice chairman of the China Mould and Die Association, and Dongfeng Automobile Mold Co., Ltd. general manager, said in analyzing the Chinese automotive mold market that China's mold industry has entered a period of rapid development. In the past 10 years, the mold industry has been growing at an annual rate of 15%. development of. The huge potential of the Chinese automotive market has brought more room for the development of automotive molds. In 2005, the national policy on the characteristics of vehicles (restricted imports, local production of key parts) promulgated by the State has also increased the opportunity for mold enterprises to produce molds for exterior car covers. Li Jianhua pointed out that in the context of this industry, how to seize the opportunity and respond to the market depends on which company is stronger in technological strength, better in product quality, and higher in competitiveness.

Li Jianhua said that in recent years, Dongfeng Automobile Mould Company has intensified efforts in strengthening technology, quality, cost, service, etc., insisting on technological progress and process improvement, increasing investment in R&D, and relying on scientific and technological progress and technological innovation. Improve the manufacturing level of the company. The application of new technologies and new technologies has greatly shortened the processing time and improved the production efficiency and processing quality. They also continue to introduce advanced design and programming software to enhance their knowledge of NC knowledge training. They have all achieved 3D design, NC programming and CNC machining.

The “Tianhao” sedan project undertaken by Dongfeng Auto Mould Co., Ltd. is the first joint venture project undertaken by Dongfeng and Nissan after the joint venture. During the implementation of the project, the company's technical department and other departments actively introduced and borrowed Nissan's experience in the design and manufacture of mold gages. It boldly adopted a series of new processes and structures including mold chrome plating and floating pressure materials, and used the entire process for the first time. The three-dimensional modeling guides the design and processing; the inspection tool has developed new functions such as lap joint matching detection and assembly welding assembly matching detection. While absorbing Nissan's advanced technology, it also fully utilized its own design, numerical control manufacturing, on-line detection, and other advantages, greatly reducing the cost of tooling. The bonnet inner and outer panel molds are the first high-end passenger car exterior parts designed and manufactured in China. The success of this project has changed the history of China's high-end passenger vehicle exterior parts mold tooling all imported, and upgraded the mold company's mold inspection tool as a whole. Design and manufacturing level and corporate reputation. Many car manufacturers have also come here, ordering Dongfeng Auto Mould Company's mold inspection tools. Recently, Dongfeng Automobile Mold Company received a set of high-tech mold export orders to the United States.

Dongfeng Auto Mould Co., Ltd. did not hesitate to purchase 5 sets of high-speed milling and quasi-high-speed milling from abroad. After the operation, the processing efficiency has doubled, the output speed has been significantly accelerated, and the product quality has also been greatly improved. In recent years, Nissan and Honda passenger car engine cover parts assemblies manufactured by Dongfeng Motor Mould Company have received high praise from foreign experts. In 2005, the Shenlong B53 project undertaken by the company was fully recognized by the French experts in the first round of sample delivery. Through the B53 sedan door inner panel mold, the Dongfeng mold brand was launched and Dongfeng Automobile Mold Company entered the car mold market.

In predicting the future development trend of China's auto mold industry, Li Jianhua said that in general, China's mold with low technological content has been oversupply, and there is a narrow market for profit; while high- and medium-grade molds with high technical shots are far from adapting to the economy. The development needs, precision, complex stamping dies, car cover molds and other high-end molds still have great room for development. The future development direction of China Auto Mould Co., Ltd. should focus on the adjustment and positioning of the product structure, further improve the manufacturing technology level of the mold, and occupy the high-end mold market with complex structure, high precision and high technology content.

From the perspective of the development of China's mold industry, the mold is suitable for the development of specialization and collectivization. The mold companies will take the joint road when conditions are ripe to be an inevitable trend. Li Jianhua believes that in order to meet the needs of enterprise development and market competition, China's auto mold companies should also actively seek international cooperation and try to move from a simple production plant to a capital-operating enterprise.

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