1. Vehicles equipped with diesel engines should be replaced with diesel engines earlier . Vehicles equipped with diesel engines must not use diesel No. 0 in the winter, which is often referred to as summer diesel, and winter diesel fuel over No. 35 must be used. The diesel code indicates the freezing point of the diesel fuel, the 0 indicates that the diesel fuel solidifies at 0°C, and the 35 indicates that the diesel fuel has a freezing point of -35°C. In most parts of China, it is sufficient to use 35-g diesel in winter, but in certain high-cold regions in the northeast and northwest, 40- or higher-grade diesel should be used. Since diesel oil contains paraffin, it cannot flow once it solidifies, and the vehicle naturally cannot start. In addition to replacing the diesel and diesel filters, the moisture in the water separator should also be drained. In winter, once diesel solidifies, it must not be baked with an open flame and heated with hot water or hot steam. If conditions do not allow it, the car can only be naturally thawed by warming the sun.
Second, the gasoline engine should be examined and adjusted the carburetor in winter, the vehicle equipped with a carburetor can properly adjust the carburetor, so that the mixture becomes rich, in order to facilitate the cold car start. If the vehicle is equipped with a manual choke, check whether the control mechanism is flexible; if it is an automatic choke (for example, working on a water temperature or an electric heating coil), it should be repaired. In practice, the failure of the automatic choke is much higher than the manual choke, and once this device fails, the cold start will become very difficult. If it is difficult to start the vehicle, do not pour the gas into the intake pipe. This is very dangerous. If necessary, spray some starting solution into the intake pipe. Of course, for the EFI engine, the problem of cold start in winter is obvious, but for vehicles equipped with cold start nozzles, the cold start nozzle and the temperature and time switch should be in good condition. If the cold start of the EFI car is difficult, the inspection of the EFI system should be carried out as soon as possible (if necessary, it is better to replace the fuel filter before entering the winter) to prepare for the good operation of the car in winter.
Third, the car cooling system should be adjusted The cooling system is also a problem that is prone to problems. During seasonal maintenance, many drivers only know to change the antifreeze, but neglect to perform a careful inspection of the cooling system. In summer, some vehicles experienced high water temperature faults. Some repair shops often took out the thermostat or riveted the fan clutch. In the winter, the temperature of the car was often low. In fact, the low water temperature also has great damage to the engine, because the low temperature, poor gasoline atomization, oil droplets into the cylinder, will also wash the wall of lubricating oil, resulting in leaner lubricating oil, aggravated engine wear. Therefore, there are 3 things to do in the winter: The first is the antifreeze. If the conditions permit the replacement of the best coolant, but for the truck to be aware of the changes in the weather, once the lowest temperature in the garage In about 5t, we must consider the release of water, while the release of water to put the net, the engine water jacket and the radiator two drain switch should be open, such as the radiator cover also open. Second, it is best to start the car with water heating, or add water after starting 2-3 minutes, and then add water. Third, pay attention to the radiator blinds should be able to completely shut down the inspection. Finally, the thermostat should be intact and the performance of the silicone oil fan clutch should be good and stable.
Fourth, the use of oil for summer vehicles should be changed oil
In general, oils with grades above 20 are called summer oils, and oils below 10W are best used during the winter. Therefore, for most vehicles, 15W/40 engine oil should be used in winter, and special antifreeze motor oil should be used in some severe areas. In addition, there is a pure synthetic motor oil of 0W or 5W on the market, which has the best lubrication effect, but the price is also very expensive. Therefore, it is generally used only for high-end cars. Of course, for transmissions and drive axles, it is also advisable that they be replaced with corresponding winter oils.
Fifth, the battery check can not ignore the winter, the vehicle's electrical system should also do some maintenance, mainly to check the battery. The average battery life is 2-3 years, and individual maintenance-free life is only 5 years. If it is close to its useful life, it is better to change it to a new one. If it can still be used, check whether the electrolyte is sufficient and whether the density is normal. The density of the charged battery electrolyte is 1.28-1.30 g/cm3. If the loss of electricity, the density will drop, the loss of batteries not only make it difficult to start, but also easy to crack. Therefore, it is necessary to charge the battery frequently during the winter and take appropriate measures for keeping warm.
Sixth, pay attention to the correct use of the car in winter The driving method of the winter car is also different from the summer. The first is to start. For carbureted cars, it is best to step on a few throttles before starting, and then pull the choke valve to the bottom. After the start is successful, the choke valve will be gradually pushed back to the original position. If you do not start it at all, wait for half a minute before starting, and do not start the engine more than 5 seconds each time. If the car is not running and the exhaust smells like oil, it may be a "dumped car." Should wait for a while, then press the throttle to start the starter. After the engine is started, it is best to wait until the water temperature rises to 40°C-5O°C before driving. Although some EFI engines can go by car, from the perspective of protecting the engine, it is better to have a section of warm-up time.

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