Recently, SCZ9-25000/35/10.5, the world's largest capacity dry-type transformer designed and manufactured by Shun Te Electric, successfully passed all routines, types and special tests including “short-circuit resistance test”. All technical indicators meet or exceed the technical requirements of the contract. So far, Shun Te Electric has achieved great success in major product development projects in the past six months.
It is reported that this world's largest capacity dry power transformer is one of the products provided by Shunte Electric Co., Ltd. for the expansion project of Shanghai Pudong Airport. The successful operation of the project was hard to come by. After the company was informed of the project information in June 2005, the marketing department led the establishment of the project operation team. With the support of the design, production, finance, logistics and other departments, the design, materials, production, cost and other work were carefully The bidding preparation, the company's leaders have an accurate grasp of the competitive situation and customer needs, the correct decision finally defeated the strong opponent through bidding, won the user's affirmation on August 26 of the same year. However, the signing of the contract is only the beginning of the world record, because the user requested that the world's first largest capacity dry-type transformer must be sent to the National Transformer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center in January 2006 to complete a full set of tests, completed in such a short period of time. Such a huge new project is another severe test of the Shunte Electric Group's combat capability.

Deep Groove Ball Bearing Widen Series are the most representative and widely used. Deep Groove Ball Bearing friction coefficient is small, the limit speed is very high, especially under the axial load a lot of high speed operation, deep groove Ball Bearing thrust ball bearings are more advantages than that.

Deep Groove Ball Bearing Widen Series

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