Texas Instruments (TI) announced a precision, 4-20mA transmitter in a tiny MSOP-8 package. The XTR117's offset and range error are small, providing easy over-scale and noise-suppressed signals with current consumption of up to 250uA.

The new transmitter is part of TI's Burr-Brown product line, which has a wide operating voltage range of 7.5V to 40V and is capable of withstanding surges up to 50V. The compact size and accurate 4-20mA output voltage rating make it ideal for pressure, temperature and humidity transmitters and industrial process monitors (see for more details).

The XTR117 has excellent robustness in harsh electrical environments and reliably provides a regulated 5V supply at 3.75mA for external sensor conditioning circuit power. The device requires only one external proportional resistor to easily provide 100 times the Iout/Iin transfer function for the voltage output sensor conditioning circuit.

The XTR117's low quiescent current, 4-20 mA accurate scaling capability (no need for calibration), small size and low cost make it more suitable than discrete solutions for this type of functionality. The device operates from -40°C to 125°C.

The XTR117 provides an excellent central building block for a two-wire 4-20mA design that pre-conditions sensor signals in a variety of ways, such as digital verification sensor signal conditioning chips (eg PGA309), low-power microcontrollers (eg MSP430) and discrete combinations of instrumentation amplifiers with voltage references (eg INA122, INA118 and REF31xx) or low-power op amps and voltage references (eg OPA335, OPA344 and REF32xx).

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