With the increasing number of cooperation projects between Continental Group and the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (referred to as the China Automobile Center), the Continental Group decided to sign a strategic cooperation agreement to strengthen the cooperation between the two parties. Dr. Kang Ruifan, President and CEO of the Continental Group Executive Board, and Zhang Jianwei, Deputy Director of the China Automotive Technology Research Center, participated in the signing ceremony held in Tianjin.

Continental signed strategic cooperation agreement with China Automobile Center
Continental signed strategic cooperation agreement with China Automobile Center

The SAIC Center was established in 1985 as a technical support institution for the technical and administrative departments of the industry and national government authorities. It assists the government in carrying out various activities in the automotive industry including standards and technical regulations, product certification testing and quality system certification. Continental Group and China National Automobile Center hope to strengthen their cooperation in automotive safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and other research fields through the signing of strategic cooperation agreements.

“China, as the core market of the Continental Group, is constantly maturing, and has shifted from focusing on quantity growth in the past to paying more attention to quality improvement. With the strong support of China Steam Automobile Center, the Continental Group established the Yancheng Test Center in April 2015. This move has greatly enhanced the R&D capabilities of the Continental Group, said Dr. Kang Ruifan, member of the Continental Group Executive Board and chief executive of China. "The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement will strengthen our relationship with China National Automobile Industry Center. In the future, we will work together for the development of China's auto industry."

Deputy Director Zhang Jianwei of China National Automobile Industry Center said: “The Continental Group is one of our important partners and has cooperated with each other in many different fields for many years. Without doubt, the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement will enhance mutual communication and understanding and promote cooperation. And development."

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