As the working medium of aircraft pneumatic systems, accumulator systems, landing gears and emergency systems, compressed air is more commonly used in the aviation industry, and the demand is also large. Compressed air mainly relies on air compressors in production. The VF-1.25/200 air compressor currently used is a compressed air that is cooled and dehydrated to obtain dry and clean compressed air after the ambient air is compressed in four stages. The displacement of this type of compressor is 1.25m3/min, and the rated exhaust pressure is 20.0MPa. 1 Design Overview VF-1.25/200A pressure swing adsorption compressed air drying equipment is a four-station assistant, master student, research direction Designed for gas fluid equipment. For the VF-1.25/200 air compressor trailer, the product has high-pressure air dew point exceeding the standard, the control circuit is complicated, the maintenance and troubleshooting are difficult, and the improved design is based on the original model. By developing a new type of compressed air drying equipment with the advantages of no heat regeneration, simple operation, long switching period, etc., we strive to achieve the best effect with minimal changes to meet the high pressure cold air dew point requirements of the aircraft.

Design of VF-1.25/200A pressure swing adsorption compressed air drying equipment 2.1 Design ideas (1) The molecular sieve is regarded as an equivalent uniform continuous medium, and its physical parameters do not change with the adsorption amount and temperature.

(2) The gas in the bed can be regarded as an ideal gas.

(3) The axial pressure loss along the bed is negligible.

(Continued from page 22) 3 Conclusions This paper analyzes the leakage flow of the axial piston motor plunger pair, and uses the motor parameters of a certain model to calculate the impact of the clearance on the leakage flow. It is reasonable to choose a gap range of 0.020.03 mm. Finally, it is pointed out that the main factors affecting the fit clearance are the liquid pressure of temperature and high pressure oil, which provides a reference for the future design of plunger pair.

The rare-earth metal thick film heating technology is one of today's most innovation and forward-looking solution for electric heating field.The thick film heating tubes/elements are produced by screen-printing dielectrics (5 layers), resistance (palladium-silver), conductor (silver) and isolation glazes on the substrate and sintered 7-9 times at temperature over 900℃.

6000w Electric Heating Tube


With 6KW Thick Film Heating Tube simple tubular structure, it can heat water flow inside the tube. Electric Circuit printed on tube surface, to heat the water flow inside. For applications where space is limited, this simple profile heater offers high thermal power density and fast response times to heat up or cool down (due to low thermal mass)

Thick Film Heating Tube


JIEDA company can supply products according to customers' drawings and offer our clients reasonable prices. Our company also can develop heating solutions and products together with customers.Those new types Thick Film Heater Tubes are special designed for Through-Flow applications, such as instant water heaters, instant water flow heater under sink, commercial vendor and industrial water flow heater

6KW Thick Film Heating Tubes

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