Hot as the sun, will damage the super structure, grilled metal slide and outdoor stands high temperature can not be used. In response to the heat of the sun, researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the United States have developed a new environmentally friendly glass coating that reflects the sun, keeps the building cool and makes it more durable.

The team presented the results at the 250th National Conference and Exposition held by the American Chemical Society (ACS) on the 16th.

Dr. Jason Jason, who applied physics at the school, said: "Most of the paints used in cars or houses are based on polymers that degrade under the sun's UV rays and, after some time, appear to be pulverized and yellowed. Materials tend to release volatile organic compounds and endanger the environment, so we want to shift from traditional polymer coatings to inorganic glass coatings. "

Glass made of silicon is an ideal coating that is rugged and has suitable optical properties. However, it is very fragile. According to a report by the Physicist Network August 16, in order to add this special layer to new coatings, Jason began to use silicon, one of the most abundant materials in the crust. He improved the potassium silicate, usually dissolved in water, and made the compound a silicate "lacquer" that was sprayed onto the surface of an object and dried to provide a water-repellent effect.

Unlike acrylic, polyurethane or epoxy coatings, this paint is almost completely inorganic and more durable than other coatings containing organic compounds. It is designed to expand and contract with metal surfaces to prevent cracking. In addition it also has a prominent feature: with the ability to reflect all the sun and passive radiant heat. Because it does not absorb sunlight, any painted surface will remain warm and even cooler, which is where the sun shines to protect the building's structure.

In fact, the researchers developed the new paint originally used for naval vessels, but found it has many potential uses for commercial applications.

Dr. Jason said: "You can paint this paint on your roof, keep the temperature and reduce the summer air-conditioning bill figures, you can also use it in the metal slide or open-air stands, and its price you can afford Because the raw materials needed make it both rich and cheap. "

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