Rainproof waterproof test box, also known as rain test box, rain test box, etc., waterproof test box is mainly used to assess and determine the LED, automotive lights, plastic, electrical, electronic products, various electrical enclosures and seals in the water test Whether or not to ensure good performance of equipment and components during or after the test. The equipment can completely simulate the external rain environment and fully reproduce the impact of external rain on the product.

Dongguan Kewen Test Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of rainproof and waterproof test chambers. It has been relatively mature in technology and development for many years. It has successively signed with many famous domestic enterprises and has always been recognized by customers, regardless of equipment quality and price. All have an advantage, the company's technical engineers to explain to customers about the purchase of waterproof rain test chamber Note:

First, we first need to understand the dimensions of the waterproof test chamber, determine the size and quantity of the customer's product, and whether the customer's lab door can enter.

Second, need to determine the choice of waterproof rating. Rainproof waterproof test chamber can be divided into 8 levels according to the test, users can choose according to the test requirements.

Drip tester...(suitable for IPX1,IPX2 test)
Swing pipe rain test device... (can meet IPX3, IPX4 test)
Hand-held sprinkler tester... (supports for IPX3 and IPX4)
Nozzle-type splash test device...(suitable for IPX5, IPX6 test)
Water immersion tester...(suitable for IPX7, IPX8 test)

Third, the use of conditions. Before choosing the rainproof waterproof test chamber, make sure whether the venue meets the requirements for the placement of the waterproof test chamber. Normally, the ambient temperature of the waterproof test chamber should be maintained between 5°C and 40°C. The average temperature within 24 hours should be kept at 25°C. Humidity should be ≤85%, power supply voltage 380V, three-phase five-wire system. In order to quickly discharge the test water, the setting of the sewer system should also be taken into consideration.

Fourth, the supplier's purchase. The after-sales service is as important as the quality of the product and is the decisive indicator of a company's management ability. After-sales service In addition to common troubleshooting, it also includes skill training, maintenance in daily use, and anticipation of possible conditions before the failure occurs. It is recommended that customers go to the factory before the purchase to make a field trip, comparisons in many aspects, and finally make the final decision. Dongguan City Corwin Test Equipment Co., Ltd. in the quality and service commitment to ensure that the province for on-site service to reach the customer's location for 4 hours, 24 hours outside the province to arrive.


Gas and low viscosity liquid mixer features simple structure, no rotating components, small maintenance and low energy consumption.This kind of mixing machinery can be divided into four types: air mixing, pipe mixing, jet mixing and forced circulation mixing.
The accessories of the mixer are mainly made of wear-resistant alloy, including high-speed spatula, fin, wear-resistant lining, mixing arm, spatula, planetary spatula, spatula, stirrer, and harrow
Mixing machines with medium and high viscosity liquids and pastes generally have strong shearing action.
Thermoplastic material mixing machinery is mainly used to mix thermoplastic materials (such as rubber and plastics) with additives.Mixing machinery for powder and granular solid materials is usually operated intermittently, including mixing and grinding machinery such as roller mill.
The moving parts of the mechanical stirrer also shear the liquid while rotating. The liquid is also sheared when it flows through the wall of the machine and various fixed members installed in the container. These shearing action will cause a lot of local eddy current diffusion.
For liquids with different densities, different components, and each other, the shear action and strong turbulent motion produced by agitation shred the denser liquid into small droplets and dispersed them evenly into the main liquid. 
Common types of mixer:
Common mixers are: plough blade mixer, screw mixer, gravity-free mixer, V type mixer, double spiral cone mixer, high and low speed liquid mixer, planetary power mixer, etc.
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