The moment is the best time for Qingdao tourism. Many citizens have begun to plan for going out to play. However, car rentals have become the first choice for people to go out to play in recent years. Therefore, the car rental market will usher in the peak of car rental. The reporter learned from previous years' information that at each time, the car rental companies all appeared to be out of stock and that the car rental expenses would have increased compared with the same period.

This reporter learned that, in order to solve the problem of public out of the car rental, Qingdao Hutchison Car Rental currently offers 20% discount on self-driving car rental and 10% discount on car rental. This discount is really exciting. To this end, the reporter specially visited Qingdao. Hutchison Car Rental Co., Ltd.

Island City old brand, trustworthy

According to the person in charge of Qingdao Hutchison Car Rental, “After the embarrassment of time, people’s acceptance of the rental industry has become higher and higher, and car rentals have also become the preferred mode of travel for many people. According to past experience, the island city will enter after May. Lease companies often have hot rents and the price of rental cars will increase. However, at present, the entire rental market has a mixed bag of false advertising fraud, refurbishment vehicles, claims disputes, and so on. The issue of consumer disputes in the market is annoying."

“Qingdao Hutchison Car Rental is an old brand in the car rental industry in Daocheng City. After years of accumulation, it has established a mature management system and after-sales service for the car rental industry so that citizens can be cared for with ease, comfort, and peace of mind.

Car rental benefits, help the island city people to play

In order to give back to the island’s urban residents’ strong support for Qingdao Keji Car Rental, Qingdao Hutchison Car Rental launched a 20% discount on self-driving car rentals and a 90% discount on car rentals in June to provide citizens with a car valued price for car rental. Comfortable experience.

According to the person in charge of Qingdao Hutchison Car Rental, "Compared with previous years, this is the largest rental car rental promotion activity by Hutchison Car Rental. Each car rental company usually has a car rental price increase during the peak season, and Qingdao Hutchison Car Rental Co., Ltd Many citizens enjoyed the car rental experience this year. The official stressed that the deadline for the event was until June 30. Some vehicles have already been booked. If you have a car rental, you must book in advance.

Online booking, fast and efficient

Hutchison Car Rental's online car booking system has been launched. Citizens only need to log on to Hutchison Hutchison Car Rental's official website. Online registration of members can be used to book the desired vehicle. The operation is simple and fast. When you come to the store to pick up your car, you only need to provide “two cards and one card” (meaning ID card, driver's license and credit card) to rent a car. In addition, the company will regularly carry out special benefit activities for Qingdao Hutchison car rental members.

The reporter learned that the current prospects of the car rental market, if there are car rental self-driving tour of the public must be designed as soon as possible, so as not to run into the car rental peak can not be rented car error travel plan.

Concrete Pile Pre-stressed/Tension Machine:

Tension Machine is a kind of feedthrough pre-tensioing. It is also called Spun Pile tension jack machine, Pole Tension Machine, prestressed tension machine etc. It is the neccesary equipment to produce Pre-stressed Concrete Spun Pile and prestressed concrete pole products. As the end of the tension rod is connected to the anchor with thread, it can be applied to various forged anchors, chilled iron anchor used for stayed-cable bridge and other similar anchors, as well as pre-tension pulling for pipes. In accordance with actual requirement.

Spun Pile Tension machine

HH Tension Machine's advantages:

1. The large-screen LCD display.

2. Double control mechanism of touch screen and keyboard, high reliability.

3. Directly work after the input of tensioning data, and the oil cylinder will automatically complete the tensioning process to reduce uncertain factor of manual operations and improve the tensile quality.

4. Built-in SD card function, which can save the tensile data to the computer regularly, and check the record at any time.

5. With its own printer, it can print tensile data in working time, avoiding the tedious and unstable manual record and ensuring the traceability of tensegrity data is verified.

Prestress Tension jack machine


Technical Parameter:

1. Oil pump flow: 12L/min

2. Motor power: 7.5kw

3. Rated power: 31.5Kpa

4.Tension force: 2000KN

5. Tension stroke: 200mm

6. Programmable controller of automatic control system + input and output of analog data Color touch screen, USB interface output

7. Control voltage: 380V+24V

8. Accuracy of prestress control:±0.1Mpa

9. Data transmission rate is 100%

Main configuration:

Automatic tension control system, 300T jack, oil pump, lifting trolley, tensioning rod, tensioning head and supporting foot.


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Concrete Pile Pre-stressed/Tension Machine

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