LED can only survive if it accelerates innovation

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said at the World Economic Forum in Tianjin that China will increase scientific and technological innovation and upgrade industrial technology, quality and brand level. These words indicate that the Chinese government will continue to attach importance to technologica

Basic principles of surge control systems

The reason for the surge is that the intake air volume is too small, and the airflow separation phenomenon will occur on the convex side of the blade. When the airflow phenomenon is serious, the compressor exhaust pressure is reduced. If the pipe network capacity is large and the pressure

Trouble elimination of compressor airflow pipe network

The suction pipe of the compressor pipe network is filled with foreign matter, and the valve is not closed tightly, so that the inlet temperature of the gas is abnormally high. The primary buffer tank is not painted. The inlet suction valve is not replaced during the maintenance proces