How to choose a hydrocyclone?

The basis for selecting the hydrocyclone is: 1 the volume of slurry required to be treated Q (m3/h); 2 the graded particle size (or the maximum size of the overflow) d (mm). First, the diameter D of the cyclone is determined based on Q and d. Generally, when the overflow is rel

a dialogue between capital and technology

The State Council recently issued the "Soil Pollution Prevention Action Plan" as the action plan for the prevention and control of soil pollution in the current and future period. On May 28th, the “mineral environment restoration technology applied to the capital operation m

Vanadium pentoxide recovery process

Is an oxide of vanadium pentoxide, and more alkaline than acidic, soluble in alkali to generate vanadate, dissolved in a strong acid or a vanadyl ion, VO VO3 +. Orange or brick red solid. Odorless, odorless, and toxic. Slightly soluble in water to form a lig